27 August 2011

Why I Don't Use Homemade Cleaners

Dear Lissy,
From Tang in the toilet to 101 Uses for White Vinegar, books, articles, and posts on "making your own cleaning supplies" abound.  There is a perception that homemade cleaners are the most economical, safest, and simplest methods of cleaning your home.  

19 August 2011

Cash for the Merchandise!

Dear Lissy,
I have a degree in Secondary Mathematics Education.  I grew up in the home of a CPA and financial counselor.  You would think that making and adhering to a budget would be as natural as breathing.  It isn't.  I have a fatal flaw in my brain wiring that doesn't allow me to comprehend electronic debits and credits.  If I'm not dealing in cold hard cash, I fall flat.
Here are a few basic principles for keeping on a cash budget.