30 January 2014

The Ten Commandments: A Different Perspective

Dear Lissy,

This beautifully concise commentary on the 10 commandments appeared in the February 2014 Acts & Facts magazine. I love it when an author gives me a brand new perspective on something that has grown commonplace and shows me its beauty and power all over again.  I hope this blesses your heart and inspires your walk just as it has mine.

  1.  God is to reign:  nothing is superior.
  2.  God is not reproducible:  there is no other likeness.
  3.  God is to be reverenced:  He is not "ordinary."
  4.  God is to be remembered:  He is the creator.
  5.  Respect Authority.
  6.  Protect life.
  7.  Protect marriage.
  8.  Respect property.
  9.  Honor truth.
10.  Reject greed .


24 January 2014

Emergency Household Cleaner Recipe

Dear Lissy,

I'm halfway through the Friday cleaning and out of cleaner.  Aggggh.  I don't use many homemade cleaners because they tend to destroy finishes over time.  Homemade all-purpose cleaner doesn't work as well as a Spartan PeroxyClean or SD-20, but it works much better than any cleaner available locally and costs only pennies.

Emergency All Purpose Cleaner

Fill a quart spray bottle 3/4 full of very warm tap water
1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
1/4 tsp Dawn dishwashing liquid
1-1/2 tsp ammonia
Fill bottle the rest of the way with warm tap water.  Shake to mix.

Suitable for most sealed surfaces.  Avoid use on specialty or porous surfaces.