18 October 2011

Staying Out of (Time) Debt

Dear Lissy,
Last week we cleaned out your little girl room and we've been working on switching you over to a young lady's room.  I was so pleased at 4:30 check yesterday afternoon to find fresh flowers, classical music, the lamp turned on, and both your brothers hanging out in your room.  You're already learning how to create a welcoming space and extend hospitality.  I also had more fun than one momma can handle sneaking up and replacing your comforter and curtains with new ones after dinner.  Your shrieks of happiness were worth every minute of trouble.  But part of last week's work was paying back a debt we'd spent a year accumulating.  A time debt, if you will.

01 October 2011

French Onion Cider Soup

Dear Lissy,
Ooh-la-la, how I love my French Onion Soup!  This fall variation is a fusion of the original recipe from Springledge Farm and the Cook's Illustrated French Onion Soup.  I like the onions soft, sweet, and carmelized with a punch of flavor...they should almost melt into the soup. This recipe takes about 4 hours start to finish, but is SO worth it!