30 November 2011

Weeknight Supper: Chapel Hill Chicken

Dear Lissy,

I love how recipes bring to mind the person who shared them!  Every time I make Chapel Hill Chicken,  I think of and pray for my high school piano teacher.  I wish I had this recipe in her handwriting, but it's still special in my heart.  I particularly like this dish for casual entertaining because it looks like a simple, non-threatening crumb-coated chicken breast, but has a savory, cheesy flavor and a nice crunch.  It can be sliced and fanned for presentation on the plate, or just left whole to pass family style.

24 November 2011

Family Traditions: Thanksgiving

Dear Lissy,
Our family Thanksgiving tradition is so tied to Auntie Nancy's house that you call her place "Thanksgiving."  We've been making the pilgrimage to New York for 15 years, and we all eagerly anticipate the time together with Dad's side of the family.

09 November 2011

A Home-sewn Christmas

Dear Lissy,
As you know, I love making home-sewn or baked gifts for Christmas.  This year I'm in tote bag mode: almost anyone can find a use for one more!  I toyed with the idea of plain canvas shopping totes, but settled instead on a book bag sized tote that could double as a purse in a pinch.  I found a simple pattern that would be easy to cut and sew "assembly line" style.
Esther's Tote from Ooh! Pretty Colors