30 September 2011

Apple Strudel Cheese Pie

Dear Lissy,
Autumn has long been my favorite season.  I dive back into baking with a passion as soon as the weather turns cool.  Apple Strudel Cheese Pie is one of our family's most beloved desserts.  The bottom is a classic cheesecake, the top is an apple crumb pie.  Perfection.

21 September 2011

Are You Ready to Reign?

Dear Lissy,
There are seasons you will grow "weary in well-doing" or lose sight of eternity.  I keep this question stuck in Proverbs so I run across it once a month or so:

13 September 2011

Cheat Sheet: Dealing with Impatience, Irritability & Frustration

Dear Lissy,

Impatient?  Irritable?  Frustrated? Angry?  Those emotions are "idiot lights" on the dashboard of life indicating a need for heart action.

09 September 2011

Free Sewing E-book

This is not a letter, but a too-good-not-to-pass-on treat for those of you who read along as I write Fliss.

A free e-book with Ten Essential Sewing Techniques from Sew Daily!   If you're not already signed up with Interweave you may have to create an account in order to download the book.

Free Sewing E-Book Link

Happy Sewing!

07 September 2011

Home Management Cheat Sheet: Everyday Essentials

Dear Lissy,
There is a universal management principle called the "80/20 law".  It has many applications, but for our particular case we want to focus on "20% of our time produces 80% of the results".  There will be many times throughout life that you have a limited amount of time or energy for home management, and it's important to know how to best spend that time.  I've already written you a letter about the 5 Most Important Household Tasks, so this cheat sheet will be based on that letter.  My intent is not to encourage you to neglect the remaining 20% -- that is often what makes a house into a home -- but to give you a "sanity preserver."

06 September 2011

Home Management Cheat Sheet: Mornings

Dear Lissy,
The blog is starting to get big, so for my 100th letter I'm starting a series of "Cheat Sheets".  I want to have the important information in one easy to use spot.  Today's "cheat sheet" is for mornings.  I've included two different types of mornings, but in truth I often have a combination of both as a home schooling mom.  I hope these "cheat sheets" will be a blessing to you in the years to come.
Start the day out right...play footsies with your hubby under the table!