06 September 2011

Home Management Cheat Sheet: Mornings

Dear Lissy,
The blog is starting to get big, so for my 100th letter I'm starting a series of "Cheat Sheets".  I want to have the important information in one easy to use spot.  Today's "cheat sheet" is for mornings.  I've included two different types of mornings, but in truth I often have a combination of both as a home schooling mom.  I hope these "cheat sheets" will be a blessing to you in the years to come.
Start the day out right...play footsies with your hubby under the table!

Help! I can't seem to get going... A cheat sheet to turn morning “blah” into “ta-da!” for the stay-at-home and sleep deprived.
  • Shower, dress, hair, and makeup. Don't turn on computer or t.v. until entire list is complete.
  • Dress kids, do hair if they're still munchkins, check that it's done if they're bigger. Feed pets.
  • Eat if you haven't already & have Bible time
  • Make beds, tidy bedrooms. Start a load of laundry.
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Tidy bathrooms
  • Switch laundry. Start another load if needed.
  • Plan dinner. Prep as much as possible, shop if necessary.
  • Go outside and garden, play, or take a walk for 30 minutes.
  • Fold & put away load of laundry. Continue to keep laundry running if needed.
  • Check e-mail, social networking sites, readers and then turn off the computer.
The key is focus. Yes, you have plenty of time, but spend it wisely. A predictable routine prevents discouragement & depression in mamas and poor behavior in their babes of any age. Whether or not you choose to schedule to the clock, a regular routine will keep your home running peacefully.

Help! We're caught in morning madness... A cheat sheet to turn running late into starting great for families that have morning commitments.

A good morning starts the night before! These can be taken care of directly after dinner, or as part of a bedtime routine. Don't leave these items for the morning: there simply isn't time.
  • Launch pads? Each family member's things (homework, clothing, Bibles, etc.) are in a bag or pack, ready to go? If home educating, assignments and workstations are ready to go?
  • Clothing set out, including accessories & shoes?
  • Lunches made? (Sandwiches may need to be made in the a.m.)
  • Breakfast set up? (check coffeemaker set up, dishwasher, kitchen clean)
  • Living areas (living room, dining room, den, playroom) tidied?
  • Bedrooms tidied, especially if they are play areas?
  • Vehicles have fuel?
  • Phones & other electronics charging?
  • Showers/baths?
In the morning...
  • Invigorating & uplifting music on? Law of kindness in my tongue?
  • All family members dressed and groomed? Bathrooms tidy?
  • Breakfast? Cleaned up?
  • Beds made, rooms neat?
  • Devotions?
  • Animals cared for?
  • Lunches packed?
  • Dinner planned and prepped?

I'll publish these lists in a true "cheat sheet" microfont, one-page format once they're complete and place a link here.  I hope you are still my bright and cheery "morning girl" and that you bless your family or roommates as much as you bless your family now!
Longing to linger over breakfast with you,


  1. Again, I can't tell you what an encouragement you are to those that weren't lucky enough to have mothers like you. :)

  2. love this idea! I am such a "list" person. Looking forward to your printable list :)