21 September 2011

Are You Ready to Reign?

Dear Lissy,
There are seasons you will grow "weary in well-doing" or lose sight of eternity.  I keep this question stuck in Proverbs so I run across it once a month or so:

If Christ were to evaluate my abilities based solely on what I am doing 
right now 
with what He has given me
how capable would He consider me of "ruling and reigning" with Him?

The question is meant to force me to evaluate my faithfulness. Have I remained in constant communication with Him throughout the last month, bringing everything to Him in prayer, seeking Him in Scripture or have I become a "rogue operative"?  Have I used my time wisely?  Have I used my finances and resources wisely?  Is my home running well? Have I faithfully submitted to Daddy and consistently discipled you three?  Have I been faithful to church?  Have I been ready & willing to share the gospel?  If He has chosen illness or trials, have I been willing to dial back my expectations and rejoice or gnashed my teeth in frustration that MY plans were thwarted? There are months I am sure that I am worthy of nothing more than a stint with penguins in Antarctica, and months that I thank him for the grace He has given to faithfully display Him in my life and execute all that He has given me to do.

The point is not to "try harder" to be more faithful, but to run to Jesus for wisdom & strength. 
The old gospel song  by Frances Ridley Havergal states it far more elegantly than I ever could.

I could not do without Thee, 
I cannot stand alone, 
I have no strength or goodness, 
no wisdom of my own.  
But, Thou, beloved Savior, 
Art all in all to me, 
And weakness will be power, 
If leaning hard on Thee!

Praying you have many faithful years serving our precious Lord!

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