08 June 2012

Inductive Bible Study, Part 6E: Keep Digging!

Dear Lissy,

David Palmer, Woman Digging 2
We've come a long, long way in our study, and today we're going to wrap up the last of the observations from the chapter before we head into word studies and cross-referencing.  The list below looks daunting at first glance, but not every item will be in every passage.  Take the time to go through the chapter and see how many of these things you find.  Each one should unleash another torrent of 5W/H questions that help you better understand the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Remember, we're still collecting observations, not interpreting or applying at this stage.  Even if you don't fully understand what you're seeing, write it down!

Look for and mark . . .

Questions being asked & answers being given

Commands: Insists on a specific action
Admonitions: Reproves or confronts wrong behavior
Warnings: Places on guard against danger or evil
Exhortation: Encourages obedience
Declaration: Teaches doctrinal truth to inform or equip
Illustrations: Pictures truth to aid understanding

Causes and effects
Reasons & results
Explanations (often use key words "because" or "for")

Promises and their conditions for fulfillment.

Progression from the general to the specific.
Progression from the specific to the general.
Steps of progression in a narrative or biography.


Connectives, articles, and prepositions (Prepositions are powerful, pay close attention!)

Old Testament quotes and references in the New Testament
Exaggerations or hyperboles
Anything unusual or unexpected

~List adapted from Each New Day

Once you've gone through this list, give yourself a pat on the back -- you've done well, girlie!  This diligence will pay many dividends in the weeks to come.

 Hands to work, hearts to God,

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    How long is a study like this supposed to take, from start to finish? I realise it's a very indepth way to study the word (and I can't wait to get my teeth into something when I'm finished with the Sabbath), but I'm one of those that would spend all day every day on it, if possible, but have about 30 minutes in the morning... How long do you allot yourself when you start something like this?

    1. That's a great question! Thanks for voicing it on DL.

      Short answer: I expect to spend about four weeks per chapter, narrative books (history, gospels) often go much more quickly. I spend roughly 45 minutes a day four to five times a week. I use a free Bible program, E-Sword, that automatically brings up the correct portions of study aids and commentaries I've pre-selected when I click on the verse. If I were using books, that time would more than double.

      Better answer: I set aside a certain amount of time per day, and enjoy the journey. If you don't have or use Bible software, or if this is your first book study, strongly consider a guided study like Sunergos. She provides all of the study aids and commentary as well as meditation and application prompts right in the workbook. All you need is a copy of the Bible and a free printout from her website of the working copy of the book you're studying.

  2. WoW! This series is top class Rebecca :D