16 July 2012

Cheap Eats: Honey Mustard Sauce

Dear Lissy,

"God is never late, but seldom early and what He gives needs no improvement," has been a favorite saying of our family since Daddy and I first married.  I began praying at the beginning of the year for a new (to us) vehicle because our mechanic had warned us that ours wouldn't pass inspection this August.  My wish list was nearly a page long, but our "God of the impossible" provided once again:  an elderly couple in our church gifted us a classic Chevy Caprice with a rebuilt engine, tranny, and new paint job.  Your brothers are ecstatic -- this is a "cool" car for teen boys in our neck of the woods, and they no longer have to fold themselves into pretzels to get into the back of a minivan.  I'm just in awe of our God that found a way to keep us car payment free even though we've had a lean couple of years. 

I'm sharing one of our family's favorite recipes with you today, Honey Mustard Sauce.  It works equally well for salad dressing, dip, or brushing on grilled meat.  Nate likes to drizzle it on baked sweet potatoes -- kind of gross, but hey, he's 14.

Honey Mustard Sauce
from Family Feasts for $75 Week

1/2 cup mayonnaise 
1/4 cup mustard
1/4 cup honey
2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice

Whisk all ingredients together and refrigerate in airtight container.  Keeps for up to 2 months unless you made it with homemade mayonnaise.




  1. hopping over from the blog hop,cant wait to try this today!!!!!!

  2. I love homemade honey mustard sauce and I use her recipe also. Wonderful news about your new car!

  3. that is AWESOME news about the car. God is SO good! Praising Him for your blessing.

    Liz and I both love french fries with honey mustard sauce, and this is a great recipe since you can make as much or as little as you want (keeping the ratios in tact). Love the Family Feasts book you lent me (I bought my own copy!).

  4. Uh-oh. . .I'm making French fries tonight. Honey Mustard sounds much better than ketchup.
    We are thrilled and praising God for providing a car, but more than a little sad that the Benwares can no longer drive. Please keep them and Chris in your prayers during this difficult transition.

  5. Love honey mustard sauce! I'm pinning this one! Would you consider posting this on my first blog hop? http://offthegridat-30.blogspot.ca/2012/07/frugal-i-made-it-tuesday-1.html

  6. I love honey mustard but never thought to make my own! Thanks for this recipe, I'm making it tomorrow! Found you through Frugal I Did It Tuesday's blog hop and I just LOVE the idea behind your blog! :)

    I would love if you came and shared this on my blog hop, Tiny Tip Tuesday, as well: http://naturesnurtureblog.com/2012/07/24/homemade-vitamin-water-tiny-tip-tuesday/

    Have a great week!