16 November 2012

Home Management Cheat Sheet

The Home Management Cheat Sheet is now available on Scribd.com for only 99 cents.  This one page document includes my morning, afternoon, and evening routines as well as daily and weekly chores on a single 8-/12 by 11 sheet.  The second page (unavailable for preview) defines the terms that are unique to me on the cheat sheet.  This text-only document can be printed on pretty paper or cardstock and is formatted to cut into cards and put on a ring if desired.  The weekly planner is still free and available on Scribd.com as well.

Holiday blessings!


  1. As a wedding gift someone gave me a year's day-planner. It was the greatest book, even had a tear off section for a weekly shopping list, pockets in each weekly page that would hold birthday cards (with lines to write in who's birthdays were that month). I have not been able to find one as comprehensive as that one. I'm going to Scribd.com now to look at this. Thanks, Bekki!

    1. I'll e-mail it to you (or anyone else who wants it) free of charge -- just shoot me your e-mail address.

  2. I clicked on the link, but there's nothing there. Could you email it to me?