18 March 2013

Join Me for Morning Quiet Time!

Would you like to join me for eight weeks of morning devotions?

  • Daily scripture portion of 5-10 verses from the book of Luke
  • SOAP your reading.
  • Share a little or a lot from your own soap on a secret facebook group with a small group of ladies studying the same passage.  Our group has a max enrollment of 12.
  • Share prayer requests and personal goals and uphold others in their needs and goals.
***This is not a teaching study.  As a believer, you are under the authority and teaching of your own local church and pastor. This study only provides a reading plan and accountability. ***

  1. If you're interested, request to be added to our facebook group, Good Morning NH.  The group is "closed" until all members are added, and then the status is changed to "secret".  If your request is denied, it is because our group is full.
  2. Head over to Good Morning Girls to enroll.  Good Morning NH is already registered with GMG since I am one of their trained group moderators.
  3. Subscribe to Good Morning Girls via e-mail or reader to get the links to the SOAP notebook and reading plan.
I look forward to studying God's Word alongside you for the next couple of months,

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