27 April 2013

Preparing To Plant!

Dear Lissy,

Spring, glorious spring, has finally arrived!  We had a loooooong winter this year.  An ice cave even formed at The Flume up in the White Mountains for the first time in my lifetime.  Daddy and I just finished a three year project, and our low maintenance garden is done.  I planted the first of my lettuce, peas, beets, chard, and broccoli last Saturday, and they're all stretching their tiny green arms up through the soil today.

Wren's eye view looking down the garden to the strawberry tower.  The first two beds are planted with peas, chard, lettuce, beets, and broccoli. The next bed is asparagus.  The large empty area in the center is for the work table/canning kitchen.

One of two heirloom rhubarbs that grow to antediluvian proportions.

The snake spa in front of the Jerusalem artichoke bed.  Mice and squirrels are a persistent problem.

Solarizing a 10x 12 squash patch.

The garden gate.  These 8 beds have sockets to make hoophouses for greenhouse or row covers.  We put the (free!) bark mulch in the pathways this year to reduce maintenance.

Asparagus bed in front of the two new beds we put in last week.  We saw our first asparagus spear today!

Love you even more than dirt,

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  1. Wow, I'm so jealous. You did a really great job, and I love the snake spa. Here, snakes get too big for me to build them a spa!

  2. love your garden! I look forward to seeing more