09 June 2014

One Quick Tip: Toilet Tissue Reminder Roll

Dear Lissy,

We're at a stage of life where everyone in the house is using -- and using up -- supplies.   We do pretty well keeping a supply of high use items, but every now and then something slips through the cracks and we end up with an "emergency".  This easy failsafe was born after I pillaged our camping supplies and realized I could create the same result without compromising our camping kit.

I keep one paper-wrapped toilet tissue roll with our bathroom T.P. supply.  I only open it if our regular tissue supply is gone.  If I'm not the one to unwrap it, I still see the wrapper in the waste bin (or notice that my toilet tissue is definitely not "Soft as Old Linen").   I just have to remember to put both T.P. and the reminder roll on my shopping list. 

This reminder system works well for a variety of high use items from ketchup to laundry soap.  I purchase a sample or travel sized package of a different brand as emergency back-up.  I only use those items if & when I run out of our regular product. 

I'll never run out of love for you,


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