10 June 2015

Momma's New Favorite Sandwich

Dear Lissy,

Had you asked me at any time up until last month for my favorite sandwich, I would have replied, "Roast Beef Croissant" without missing a beat. My tastes changed considerably after a 21 day water fast and follow up nutritarian refeeding.  I don't have any plans to give up meat permanently, but meat doesn't appeal to me at all right now.
Enter the " Nut-tuna" sandwich.  Crushed walnuts and crisp veg dice are held together by hummus and a dot of mayo.  I like to layer mine with spinach and very thinly sliced, seasoned cucumbers on a rice cake.  The resulting bites are pretty much my favorite tastes and textures ever in the history of ever.  I feel pleasantly full, but also full of energy all afternoon after eating one.

The point of this post isn't to give you a weird recipe that only 2 people in the world will eat, but to remind you how dramatically your tastes can and do change if necessary.  I eat Rainbow Stir Fry with thai peanut sauce for dinner a couple of times a week and omit the noodles because I prefer the veg.  I was a die hard mac and cheese girl for almost 40 years.  The thought of eating cheesy glue is repulsive to me now.
My about face was in response to a couple of age related health issues that don't respond well to medication and my Mom's battle with breast cancer.  Both of my health issues (high bp and fibroids) were completely resolved by the fast and holding steady with the follow up diet.  The direct correlation between dairy and breast cancer is a fact I can't ignore given the fact that I am now genetically prone to breast cancer.  I anticipated a lifetime of longing for favorite foods I was unable to have.  By God's enabling grace, my taste buds have dramatically changed. My favorite snack is Ak-Mak Sesame Crackers and Hommus, not Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips.  I've lost all desire for sweet treats, and even some fruits are too sweet for me now.
If you're facing a health crisis at some point in life, please know that God can completely change your palate.  A steak loving, cookie eating girl can thoroughly enjoy (and crave!) a veggie stir fry.



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