10 July 2015

Human 101: Don't Be Gross

Dear Lissy,

As we settle into summer work routines, it's easy to get sloppy with personal care.  We've had longstanding routines in our home for what we dub "Human 101".   The goal is to keep every person and their personal space neat & clean.  Eventually these areas will become
a) a testimony issue when you have roommates,
b) a health/safety issue if you are neglecting these tasks,
c) relationship busters.
We want to have these habits and routines so ingrained that they are second nature to you!

Personal Care

Have you showered daily (and after work/exercise)?
Is your hair trimmed, clean, and styled?
Have you washed your face, ears, and neck carefully?
Are your eyebrows groomed?  (Sounds silly, but we've got two unibrows and three Gandalfs living here...we can get looking pretty scary)
Have your brushed and flossed at least twice daily? Lip butter?
Have you shaved?
Clothes clean and not wrinkled/pressed?
Nails and toenails clean and trimmed?  No chipped polish on girls?
Clean feet?
Shoes clean and polished/brushed? Odor eaters/spray if necessary?
Taken allergy meds?

We don't include devotions, exercise, or healthy eating in this list, but if we notice a problem in one of those areas, we'll ask the person involved what their current plan looks like and help them make an adjustment.  Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Personal Space

Bed made daily and sheets laundered in the last week?
Dirty laundry in hamper?  (Workout and wet clothing has to be washed immediately.) Clothing level below lip of hamper?
Clean laundry put away?
Personal care items cleaned, dried, and stored in proper space?
Bedroom and computer stations tidy?

Daddy and I keep a running idea on these items and pull you aside if "always/usually" is slipping into "sometimes/never".  He deals with the boys, I take point with you no matter who notices the problem.  In the next couple of days, I'll write another letter about Human 102:  Live Well With Others.



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