14 December 2018

Experience the Magic with eShakti's NEW FX Feature!

Dear Lissy,

Guess what, guess what, guess what?!?!  You know how much you love to choose and customize eShakti dresses?  Now you can instantly SEE the custom design changes you choose appear right on the model when we order dresses on EShakti FX!  Hooray!

And...wait for it...they still have pockets.  It just doesn't get any better than that, does it?
Instantly see if your changes work well together.
Modesty issues show up so you can SEE the difference!

I guess we should probably explain our excitement for those who read along with my letters to my daughter, Lissy.  eShakti just added a new feature that works like magic with their FX line of dresses, and asked us to pop over to their website to check it out. 
We were both surprised to find out with the new eShakti FX line we could see the changes on the model in real time as we clicked to alter necklines, sleeve lengths, and hemlines.
We've both wanted this feature for years.   Changing one element on a dress affects the overall proportions of the whole garment.  The ability to play with the various features and adjust the proportions so they all look good together is a welcome upgrade.  And fun!

Here's one of the enchanting dresses we played with, the "Ombre Star Print Georgette Pleated Empire Dress".
Original design by eShakti.  As cute as this looks on the model, the neck and sleeve styles will not work with our face shape or large upper arms.

We tried adding a scoop neck, but didn't like the look. Moving on...

A high square neck keeps closer to the original design, but flatters our faces and builds.

We still need to make a decision about the sleeves.  We decided we liked the look of 3/4 sleeves the best.  The "elbow length" ended right at the waist, which visually increased the size of the bust/upper arm area.  Both bracelet and long length were full at the cuff, which is not a look either of us liked with this dress.
For our figures and taste, this sleeve length works well.  I think we're done.
The hem has choices of Knee length (top of the knee), Below the Knee (shown), and Mid-Calf (as designed).  All three are good lengths for this style of garment, but Above the Knee is going to give us modesty issues walking and sitting, while mid-calf is a terrible choice visually with our proportions.  We'll choose Below the Knee.  Boom, done.  And we can see just what our finished garment will look like BEFORE we put down our hard earned dollars.

If you haven't been over to eShakti lately, click over and see all the changes they've made.  Take a few minutes to pick out a dress and play with it on FX.  Their new zapelle line has a more sophisticated, modern look, while the Wayward Fancies line offers up interesting fabrics and free-spirited styles like the one we played with here.  The classic eShakti fit and flare dresses are still there, too.

Need a special occasion dress?  Find beautiful, inexpensive bridesmaid's, mother's, or party dresses that can be custom cut for a perfect fit on your big day.  Dresses only take 2-3 weeks to arrive after ordering, too.

Want to add a little magic to someone's Christmas?  Send them a gift card so they can design their own eShakti original.  eShakti carries a full line of tops, jackets, skirts, and pants in addition to their dresses.  Once you create an account on eShakti, the gift card option is at the bottom of the screen.

eShakti has been a tremendous resource for us as Lissy has transformed into a young lady.  We hope you'll enjoy shopping there as much as we do.

Love you, Sunshine!


P.S.  As affiliates, we get a small percentage of every garment ordered through the links in this post.  The dollars fund Lissy's education (and occasionally her wardrobe!) without costing you anything extra.  Thank you for helping our family in this way.

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