23 July 2011

My Favorite Apron Modification

Dear Lissy,
We love our aprons around here!  The cotton duck cleaning apron that holds our tools, the baker's aprons (white, no pockets!) and even the gardening apron that keeps tools close at hand. But in order for an apron to be functional, you often have to modify it a bit.  Sometimes it's as simple as adding a seam to make a narrow pocket for a pen or pencil, other times it's moving or removing a piece that catches or gets in the way.  But my favorite apron hack makes my aprons twice as useful and costs less than $1.
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Momma's Favorite Apron Hack

1 apron, with pockets
1 quart freezer Ziploc bag
2 small binder clips

Cut down the side seam 1" on each side of the top of the bag so that the zipper portions can be folded down separately.

Slide the Ziploc bag into the apron pocket.

Fold the top of one side of the bag down over the top of the pocket.

Secure with binder clips.

You now have a disposable, waterproof , removable lining for your apron pocket.

A few handy uses:
  • Throughout the day, place trash bits into the plastic bag, bits & bobs that need to find a home (legos, hair ties, etc.) behind it.
  • Keep a damp microfiber rag in the plastic bag for wiping up little spills and sticky spots all day long.
  • Keep little treats in the bag if you're training a puppy or toilet training a small child.  No more crumbs stuck in the pocket seams :-)
  • Use this trick on a child-sized apron while your children have colds to make sure used tissues are contained.
  • Keep a clean damp rag in the bag while you're cooking, grilling, or working on crafts to keep your fingers clean.
Many people only wear aprons for cooking, if then.  Their loss!  It's wicked handy to have an extra couple of pockets and a little bit of protection for your clothes, too.  There are so many fun colors and styles, your own personality can shine through.  My favorite apron right now is dark brown and states: "The End of the Rainbow" over the top of a distressed looking trout lying in a frying pan. It's raised more than a few eyebrows at church suppers, but it usually gets a chuckle, too.  Whether you're wearing ruffles or macabre puns, aprons are a practical tool for homemakers.

Wishing we were still in matching aprons,

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