15 January 2013

One Quick Tip: Home School Assignment Books

Dear Lissy,

We've been enjoying a January thaw for the last three days.  It feels glorious to go for a walk in short sleeves!
I'm writing just a postcard today to share with you a tweak to our assignment system that's wicked good.

Write out assignments running Tuesday - Monday instead of Monday - Friday.

Now, this microchange may seem kind of dumb, but it gives Mom a whole lotta grace.  Usually by the end of school on Friday I'm toast from making sure all the work from the week is complete.  I don't have the energy (motivation, focus, and mood) to sit down and write out the assignments for the upcoming week. Nor do I have  time on the weekend.  What that means practically is that I am scrambling to write assignments Monday morning.  Not good.
Now, instead, I get each of you started on independent work on Monday morning (already written into your assignment notebooks/computer programs last week), and then sit down with a cup of coffee and type out assignments for Tuesday through the following Monday.  Ahhhh. . .doesn't that feel good. I'm not stressed, rushed, or borrowing family time.  It's a good thing ;-)


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