09 August 2013

A Day in the Life: 2013

Dear Lissy,

Today is a bit of a time capsule letter.  I'm going to share with you what an ideal day looks like in my life.  Now that you kids are older, I see many more ideal days than I did when you were toddlers. My school year and summer don't vary a whole lot anymore, either.

The Big Picture:
  • Get myself and the other people in the house ready for the day by 8 a.m.  Our morning routine includes devotions, getting dressed, eating a nourishing breakfast, and tidying up after ourselves in the bedrooms/bathrooms.  I have a "thing" about moping around in PJ's until mid-morning, as you well know :-)
  • Daily chores by 10 am:  Laundry, tidying up, swiping bathrooms, meal prep and cleanup.  My workout falls somewhere between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m, too.  You and the boys often join me.
  • School or Project pretty well finished by 1 pm.  I assign 1-2 hour projects during the summer.  These may be pruning trees, working on a household maintenance project, or just helping me punch out our weekly chores so we can get to the beach or go on a hike.
  • Weekly chores/errands before 5 pm.  I've moved my days around periodically to meet our family's schedule.  Currently it looks like dis. . .
    • Monday:  Kitchen deep cleaning, reorganize pantry/fridge/freezer, grocery shopping, prepping/storing food for week, baking.
    • Tuesday:  Office day - anything paperwork from planning school work, bills, taxes, or even preparing a Sunday school class.
    • Wednesday:  Cleaning Day (sometimes swapped with Friday)
    • Thursday:  Mending/alterations and garden projects. 
    • Friday:  Town day - library, errands, quick grocery stop for weekend needs, thrift/salvage store
    • Saturday:  Family projects, Sunday prep including car cleanout.
  • Dinner
  • Projects:  Sewing, baking, school prep, research/video classes, pre-reading for lit classes.

5 am:  Coffee and devos.  I currently alternate between Professor Horner's plan and adding to my What Do I Know About My God? notebook.  This is the only quiet alone time I get all day now that the boys are in high school.
6 am:  Make Daddy's breakfast and pack his lunch.   Daddy is so not a morning person!   A hot breakfast helps him wake up and prepares him for his very physical job as a contractor.  His lunch takes a bit to pack, too, since he's often gone through dinner time and needs enough food for the whole day.
6:30 am:  Wake up Daddy for breakfast.  Computer check-in time for me (Reader, G-mail, Facebook)
7 am:  Start a load of laundry, unload dishwasher, morning visit with kids during school year, get dressed for walk/workout. 
7:45 am:  Switch laundry, make sure kids are doing "Morning 5" and on track for school day.  In the summer I head out for a walk before you all are up.
8:00 am:  Bible class (Still walking in summer)
8:30 am school /9 am summer:   Tidy kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms while helping with school work.  Finish up laundry.
9am school year:  Go for walk/workout, make sure expectations are clear for work to be done while I'm out.  Gardens/outdoor projects during the summer.
10 am:  Breakfast:  Poached egg, a couple of Jones natural sausages, and fruit. I'm not hungry at all when I wake up, so I eat breakfast late.   I usually am not hungry again until dinner time, but I might have a snack late afternoon.
10:30 am:  Shower, dress, make-up.  Work on weekly chores, keep checking on kids' school or assigned project in summer.
1 pm:  Tidy kitchen, start supper prep, double check all school work.
1:30 - 4 pm (5 pm summer):  Errands, friends, downtime. Grocery shopping, library, piano practice, blog letters, etc.  1:30 - 4/5 is my "evening".  I may even nap if I've had a late night.
4/5 - 6:30 pm:  Prepare dinner, eat, and clean up kitchen.  Kids are doing a quick pick up through the house and yard while I prepare dinner.
6:30 - 7:  Computer time - Gmail, facebook, etc.
7-9:  Project time (Mon - Wed):  Baking, sewing, processing fruit or veg for preserving.  The boys are at robots during this time for a big chunk of the year.  We have church on Thursday night, family fun time on Friday night, Sunday prep on Saturday.
9 pm:  Final house check, good night to Liss, set out breakfast, set up coffeemaker
9:15 - 10 pm:  Read or watch a T.V. program, get ready for bed, good night to Matt
10 pm:  Lights out.


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