27 July 2013

Sock Bun Alternative for Fine, Silky, Layered Hair

Dear Lissy,

I love the soft waves created by the wildly popular Sock Bun. I also like the fact that the sock bun is appropriate for a quick run to the park or grocer's.  
But when I tried to roll my shoulder length silky-fine layered hair into a sock bun, it was an epic fail.  Bummer.
I discovered another method by accident and refined it:
Claw clips are easy to find, easy to use, and inexpensive.  Anything that holds the coiled chignon in place will work, though.
  1. Rub a dollop of volumizing mousse through freshly washed hair.
  2. Dry front/bangs as normal, but leave back and sides damp.
  3. Style bangs and short front pieces. Back should be just barely damp through at this point.  Use a spritz of water or a quick shot with a hair dryer if necessary.
  4. Pull sides and back into a  high ponytail just above the tops of your ears, but centered on the back of your head.  Do not use a band.
  5. Twist hair until it coils back on itself.  You're essentially making one giant pin curlMake sure the ends of the hair are coiled around into a curl.  (My grammy, a hair dresser back in the 1930's, taught me the trick of twisting hair into a pin curl instead of just rolling it.  You get a more natural curl that way, and the pins won't leave marks.)
  6. Place a claw clip snugly over the chignon you created.  You may have to smoosh the bun into more of an oblong shape for it to fit.
  7. Use bobby pins to position styled front pieces.  Be careful of making weird ridges in the damp part of your hair.
  8. Give the chignon a shot of hot air from your blowdryer, and then leave it in until it's completely dry.  
  9. Remove claw clip and bobby pins and finger comb hair.  A pomade will help define the curl and eliminate frizzies. Give the whole style a shot of hairspray.
  10. On rainy or hot, humid days I return my hair to the chignon and claw clip after it's all dried until I want it down and then just shake/finger comb it out.

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