25 July 2013

One Quick Tip: Keeping Meat Fresh

Dear Lissy,

I buy all of my meat for the week when I market on Monday.  It's a no-brainer to cook off the ground beef for Sunday's lasagna and toss it in the freezer, but what about those pork chops for Thursday night?  Or the 5 pound tray of chicken breasts I'll be using all through the week?  Enter Kosher salt.  I've been reading through Twenty preparing for the boys' cooking class this year.  Ruhlman offers an ingenious solution to avoid the dreaded slimy meat:

Sprinkle fresh meat with Kosher salt as soon as you get home from the market.  It will keep all week in the fridge without getting slimy.

I tend to cook off or pre-form ground meats and freeze them, but any cuts of meat work well with this technique.  Don't try this with table salt:  it will overseason the meat.  It is tempting just to toss the wrapped meat into the fridge or freezer, but a few seconds spent salting is worth the hassle.

It's a crisp, breezy, 52 degree morning, and I need to get the fall bean crop in the ground. 

Love ya bunches!

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