11 September 2013

Home Management Evaluation Form PDF

Dear Lissy,

We're studying The Knights of the Silver Shield in literature this week.   I first discovered this favorite tale of bravery as a little girl in one of my grammy's storybooks.  I can still see the cover and all the illustrations from the trials of Sir Roland in my mind's eye.  Now that I find myself "guarding the gates" as a full time momma, I appreciate the truths of the silver shield even more.  Google books has scanned this fairytale from Beaupre-Miller's Our Book House:  The Treasure Chest so it can be enjoyed by generations to come.  I hope you'll take a few minutes to read it again after you've read this letter.

How do I know how well I'm managing our home?  No enchanted stars appear on my calendar after a long day.  If I rely on feelings, I'm in big trouble.  I rarely finish a day and feel like I've nailed this whole mom thing.   If I wait for comments or compliments from our family, I'm going to be disappointed most of the time, too.  My work is only noticeable when it's neglected.   I developed a Home Management Assessment Rubric many years ago to help me look at my work record objectively instead.   I don't use this to judge other people's housekeeping -- it's just for me.  I go through it with the Lord a couple of times a year and set goals for the upcoming year.   I'd encourage you to use this as a starting point to create your own assessment, not as a golden mom standard.

 As always, relationships are the focus in our home.  This rubric primarily measures my home management (or lack thereof), not my role as wife and mom. I hope this blesses you as you learn to keep your own home, Sweetie.


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