20 February 2014

Decorated Planner Pages

Dear Lissy,

 Here's a fun little no-pressure project for when you're itching to create:  decorate planner pages.  My only rule is "no purchases."  I have to use art and crafting items we already own. Most decorators are devoted to Filofax, but my favorite planner from Studio O is just as easy to mod.  I don't decorate every week...just when I'm feeling a little craft deprived.

My favorite 5 x 7" planners from Studio O Creations are available at BAM! bookstores.

Vertical week on two pages allows me to place my to-do list into timed slots.  My running to do list goes in the boxes on the bottom margin.  I place prayer requests or memos in the "Week in Review" slot.

The finished two-page spread.  I inked the sides of the pages with ice blue into spring green since we're transitioning from February to March next week.  I stamped in the same two colors, stamping first on scrap paper to keep the color faint.  A few punches, stickers, rub-on transfers, and pieces of washi completed the look.  I've started highlighting travel time around appointments so I don't plan that time for another purpose.

A closer look at the left hand page.   I like the look of inking cutouts and then putting a bit of washi tape behind themThe wrinkles drive me nuts -- one of the hazards of using your art!

Close-up of the right hand page.  I'm quite partial to my gecko punch :-)

The beautiful thing about planner decoration is that you can change up styles and materials every week.  I have dreams of Zendoodles, pencil sketches, fabric swatches & pattern tissue, postage stamps, and more.  It also makes the planner a lot more fun -- and likely -- to be used on a daily basis, too.  Whether you're rocking a Filofax or making do with a printable, have some fun with an otherwise mundane part of life.

Lovin' you,

P.S.  I'll try to update with a finished shot of these pages after they've been filled with to-do's and doodles.

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