28 February 2014

Drugstore Dupe for Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion

Dear Lissy,

I've been using Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer since high school.  I've looked for a less expensive and more available alternative to Clinique Dramatically Different for years.  I finally gave up, because I was spending more buying "I hope this will work" lotion than I was shelling out for the Clinique.  But (insert drumroll) I finally found it:  CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion. 

 I could'nt tell the difference after putting DD moisturizer on one side of my face and CeraVe on the other for a week.  After 3 months of constant use, I've seen no difference in my skin at all.  We've had one of the coldest, dryest winters on record for our area of the country, so that's saying something.  CeraVe is about a tenth of the cost of Clinique moisturizer, and available locally at Wal-Mart. There's even a Wal-Mart Equate brand version if I'm really strapped for cash.  

I don't know if you'll fall in love with Clinique products the way I did, but when your budget calls for a break, this lotion is a great alternative!



P.S. for those reading along:  I have fair, dry, sensitive skin that flares red and itches or burns with most products.  Lissy has had issues with keratosis pilaris since birth, and this lotion was recommended by her dermatologist to address that issue.  I have no idea if this lotion would be as effective on sturdier,oilier skin.


  1. AND it has hyaluronic acid, great for our aging skin...well MY aging skin! ha, ha. Thanks, Bekki, for this good tip. I'll go get a jug.

    1. I appreciated that ingredient, too. Over forty, and it all starts heading downhill :-D

    2. I've been using the CeraV now for several weeks and really love it! Thanks again for this tip.