21 April 2014

Sweet Dreams for Side Sleepers

Dear Lissy,

Sometimes it's hard to grab those forty winks when you're a side sleeper...
  • Sleeping on the ground, floor, or an unfamiliar mattress
  • Rotator cuff or cubital tunnel trouble
  • Nasal congestion

Try using an extra pillow... 
  1. Stack two pillows in the normal pillow position. 
  2. For the third "pillow," you'll need only an inch or two of padding.  I like a super squishy pillow that's too soft to support my neck, but a flat pillow or even a folded up piece of clothing can suffice.
  3. Align the top edge of the third pillow with the bottom edge of the stacked pillows leaving an 8" gap.  
  4. When you lie down, position the bottom edge of the third pillow at your waist, and place your upper arm/shoulder in the gap between the pillows.  
  5. Adjust the stacked pillows to fully support your neck in a neutral position (you may only need one).
***Do not use this method if you have back troubles unless you've checked with a chiropractor first.***

Sweet Dreams,

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