11 May 2011

Secret of The Believer's Gratitude

Dear Lissy,
Your daddy has had a number of opportunities to preach lately, and he's been hitting hard on his favorite topic: the believer's response to trials.  We've been hearing stories of Jehosophat and Hannah, Paul and David, Abraham and Joseph.  All of them have a common thread, what I would call the secret of the believer's gratitude.

can give thanks & praise
 for what God has done.
Only the believer
 has the prerogative
 to give thanks & praise 
for what God 
will do on his behalf.

Think about all the Bible stories you've learned over the years, and consider how many great men and women of God understood this precept.  Make it a goal in your own life to praise and thank God during the trial for how He will show himself strong through your deliverance.  If you need a jumpstart, turn over to 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 and read my favoritest Bible story.  Once you apprehend this profoundly simple secret, it will revolutionize how you respond to trials.

So very thankful for you!


  1. I just read this to my children, who are 9 and 5. Thank you... I needed to read it, for me. It is still so hard for me to understand when to "be still" and wait on the Lord, or to move on from things, to walk away from things, or to push through things with faith.

  2. That is a hard decision, even for giants in the faith! Exodus 14:13-16 was a specific instance where Moses commanded the people to "stand still and see the salvation of the Lord", and God had to come to him (v. 15) and say (basically) "Why are you waiting for me? Go forward!!!
    I think the key is that intimate relationship with God that Moses had so that when he was ready to stand still, God could move him with a word. We cannot do God's part, but He will not do ours.

  3. Ooh, ooh, ooh! You've nailed it, Rebecca.

    "Anyone can give thanks & praise for what God has done. Only the believer has the prerogative to give thanks & praise for what God will do on his behalf."

    I've been re-reading "Future Grace" by John Piper and he would SO agree with your statement too.

    I'm going to link this post in the comment section of my blog, if you don't mind (after I go read 1 Chron 20). Excellent.

  4. Great post - thanks! I remember reading something very similar in Matthew Henry's Commentary.

  5. Lisa: No problem linking, but the reference is 2 Chron. 20, Jehosophat's victory over the Ammonites....I wonder if that's where the term "Jumpin' Jehosophat" originated?

    Stefanie: This idea is pervasive in Puritan writing, and definitely not original to myself or my husband. It often strikes both of us how few people understand this idea in our day and culture, though.
    Most people we've ministered to and with, including ourselves, have a "cat in a carwash" mentality about trials. It is our heart to help our children see God's hand just as much in the trials of life as in the blessings.

  6. Rebecca, your timing is perfect!