05 September 2012

The Royal Secret of Success

Dear Lissy,
Tucked deep in Deuteronomy are two verses that offer seven conditional royal promises:
  • The king will learn to fear the LORD.
  • The king will be empowered to obey God's Word.
  • The king will be empowered to do God's will.
  • The king will consistently have victory over pride, the root of all other sin.
  • The king will not be influenced off the path of righteousness to the right or left.
  • He will prolong his life and reign.
  • His children will follow after him.
Those promises are dependent on the king doing one simple task:  

Every day, for his entire life, he is to read a copy of the Word of God he keeps with him.

One day, believers will reign with Christ.  Like the mighty kings of old, we will rule under the King of kings.  This life is little more than a training school or boot camp for the next.
  • I want to know the presence and power of God in my life.
  • I want to have the power to obey God's Word.
  • I want to have the power to do God's will.
  • I crave victory over pride, and many other sins stemming from my selfish heart.
  • I don't want to be influenced by others away from following Christ.
  • I want to be faithful and have a godly influence my whole life.
  • Most of all, I want you & your brothers to be better Christians than I am, and to inherit the riches of my faith.
These verses may be obscure, but dozens of other passages in both the Old and New testaments reinforce this truth:

Saturating yourself with the Word brings spiritual success.

Make it a habit to read the Bible throughout the day, every day.   Choose a reading plan, and stick with it.  Keep a copy of the Scripture open on your desk, counter, or nightstand.  Pull a Bible on your phone reader while you stand in line or wait in traffic.  Now, wait for it. . .  Victory over sin you've been fighting for decades.  A desire to pray for instead of criticize your spouse and friends.  A sense of the presence of God in your daily life.
These holy pages will summon up the living image of His mind.  They will give you Christ himself, talking, healing, dying, rising, the whole Christ in a word; they will give Him to you in an intimacy so close that He would be less visible to you if He stood before your very eyes.   ~Erasmus
A life washed often in the Living Water of the Word gathers little dust or disease from the world.

 Love you, Princess,

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  1. I love this! What a cool way to teach your child. :) And the post is really awesome, too! ;)

    Mindy @ New Equus - A New Creation

  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing where I could delight in your words. My kids are grown but words like this still warm this momma's heart. Blessings.


  3. You've reminded me that I'm a week behind in my reading plan! The prophets are hard. (I'm in Lamentations.) Must get back on track!

  4. I have been reading through the Bible and I just finished the book of Deuteronomy my favorite book so far. Reading the word of God is so important. I have learned so much about God's love. His unfailing love.