19 June 2013

Baker's Secret: Super Parchment Paper

Dear Lissy,
I've used baking parchment for all of my baked goods (except cupcakes and muffins when I mix up my special pan release) since I was newly married. Nothing sticks to it, and it protects pans better than any non-stick coating.   I'd been toying with the idea of getting a silicon baking mat when I discovered teflon super parchment.  It's a better investment than either parchment or a baking mat.  Like parchment, it can be cut or folded to any size pan, but like a baking mat it's washable and reusable.  A 13 x 17 sheet costs under $5 and gives hundreds of uses, making it a great investment. Roll it into a thin tube to store -- it won't curl like regular parchment.  Super parchment makes a great gift for a bridal shower or baking friend, too.

  • Lining baking sheets for cookies and biscuits
  • Lining baking pans for brownies and cakes
  • Rolling out pie crust
  • Kneading bread
  • Lining an electric griddle for frying pancakes, grilled cheese, eggs, english muffins, etc.
  • Fold it for use in an indoor electric grill (Foreman grill) or panini press.  You'll still get the grill marks, but no messy cleanup.
  • Placing under an artisan loaf or pizza so it slides easily onto the baking stone.  It works far better than cornmeal and eliminates the need for a peel.
  • Candy making - caramel, peanut brittle, etc.release cleanly and easily.  If you're doing a lot of work with sugar, invest in a silicone baking mat since it doesn't slide.
  • Roasting vegetables or meats.  Parchment (super or regular) keeps breaded chicken and fish from becoming soggy.
  • Cut a piece the same size and shape as the microwave turntable.
Don't try to use if for any application with direct flames. Super Parchment is safe to 500 degrees.  Knives (or pizza rollers) will damage it, but unlike a baking mat you won't end up with fiberglass shreds in your food.  Super parchment, sometimes called reusable parchment, is available at many kitchen supply stores, but usually spendy at gourmet kitchen shops. 

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