03 June 2013

Quick Fashion Tip: The Slip

Dear Lissy,

Until a couple of years ago I only wore slips if a garment was see-through.  Turns out I was wrong.  In the fashion industry slips are used to create a smooth surface between foundation garments and fashion garments.  They allow the fashion garment to maintain it's clean lines no matter how much you twist, bend, turn, and walk.  Slips come in a variety of styles and colors and are a great investment to help your clothes look their best.
  • Eliminate panty and bra lines.
  • Eliminate show through and "peeking" at the waistline.
  • Eliminate catching on foundation garments.
  • Eliminate bunching, rubbing, and itching.
  • Eliminate "crawl" when wearing tights or walking.
  • Eliminate lumps, bumps, and lines-- hooray for looking thinner!
  • Prevent body odors, perspiration,  and oils from transferring to garments.
  • Prevent garments from sticking to perspiration.
Color is the same as for foundation garments:  nude and black are the most versatile.  The styles you need depend largely on your wardrobe.  Lace on foundation garments or slips gives a lumpy-bumpy look to stretchy fashion garments. 

If you have a mixed wardrobe of dresses, skirts and tops, and trousers I'd recommend:
  • Nude and black full slips
  • Nude and black half slips
  • Nude and black camiole tops unless you regularly layer tanks or t's under your shirts.
  • Nude pettipants.   Truly horrible name, but they allow trousers to fall cleanly and eliminate a world of embarrassing fashion faux pas.
Slips aren't necessary with activewear or very casual outfits like t's and jeans -- just wear smooth nylon or silk underthings to keep the fashion garment from bunching, catching, and crawling.  Slips make comfy, pretty nightwear that won't stick to the sheets when you roll over, too.  Nylon and silk last longest if hand washed, but can be tossed in the laundry in a mesh bag on gentle cycle if you're tight on time.

Slip me a hug soon!

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