25 October 2013

Operation Hygge House

Dear Lissy,

In one short week the darkness of Standard Time will descend over New England.  The cold already has us in it's grip.  Sadly, we can't hibernate, so this year I'm determined to make our home a "hygge house".  Pronounce that "hue-guh" and imagine you're in Denmark.  Cold.  Dark.  Happiest nation on earth, and not surprisingly the creators of hygge.

Hygge: (hue-gah), noun.  Convivial coziness, " "fireplace warmth with candles and family and friends and food, tucked under blankets on a snowy day, cup-of- coffee conversation, scarf-snuggle, squiggly, warm baby love." (NPR's Clare O'Neill)

In the summer, hygge is embodied by friends and family gathered around a campfire roasting sausages.  When winter settles over the mountains, hygge moves indoors to light candles, kindle a fire, simmer a stew, brew the coffee, and let the conversation flow.  Or not -- Danish hygge is just as well embodied by a tromp through a snowy woodland with a friend and a thermos of cocoa.  In short, hygge is about replacing the warmth and light of the sun with the warmth and light of relationships.  A hygge house is inviting and embracing, even if it is a long, cold, dark night.

Du er min lille hyggelig pige,

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