03 October 2013

Portrait of a New England Wife

Dear Lissy,

This little gem is to encourage your heart and put a smile on your face:  you are a New England girl, through and through!

Marmee from Little Women, a beloved wife and momma in the New England tradition.
 I've been reading old newspapers from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (1833) and came across this:

"It has been said that a New England girl makes the best wife in the world - and we think, says the Lowell Journal, that any New England man will cheerfully admit the truth of the above saying after studying domestic life of other countries. New England wives are faithful and affectionate - instances of conjugal infidelity are of rare occurrence among them - they make excellent mothers - are frugal and methodical in their household arrangements - shine in a drawing room, - and appear to great advantage when superintending the economy of the kitchen. Such a wife is a jewel, and no wonder she should be sought after, far and near. The Southern gentlemen, while they strenously oppose the Union of the States, evince no repugnance to an Union with the rosy cheek lasses of the North."

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