13 March 2011

Guest Post on laundry from Mrs. F

Dear Lissy,
Mom asked me to share laundry tips with you...well, I actually LIKE doing laundry. More like I DON'T like it to pile up.

I do not own any hampers...just 2 laundry baskets. One small one is for Dad+I and one big one for the kids. At night, I throw in a load, before I go to bed. In the morning, I switch it over to the dryer, and go on to the next load. I find it easier to do it every day. 

As soon as my dryer beeps, I hang up what needs ironing, to attend to later. I don't set up my ironing board until I have at least 3 things to do. When my kids were toddlers, I waited until they were napping to iron, for fear they could be burned. Sometimes I would review verse cards, which were easy to lay on top. Or pray for the person whose garment I was ironing. 

I felt it was easier to fold as it was coming out of the dryer. When it was full, one of the girls was responsible for sorting it and putting everyone's laundry on their bed. (For modesty, I never had David sort).
I've give each o f the girls their own permanent marker, whenever they get a new item (sox, underwear) I tell them to mark their initial.
Helps sorting! 

Sometimes while I am ironing, I find a garment really needs to head to the trash...so I will put a note in the pocket, (or clothespin a note) "throw out after you the next time you wear". You get one more wear out of it, and don't have to launder!
Hope that helps!
Mrs. Carrie F

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  1. Great post! Beautiful picture too. Lots of wisdom here. I found you at Women Living Well. Glad I stopped in. Bless you!