08 May 2013

Rub A Dub Dub. . .Spring Clean Your Tub!

Dear Lissy,
Remember our motto:  Let the Cleaner Do the Work!
Era laundry detergent is my best friend for tub and tile cleaning.  The enzymatic cleaners make fast work of all the yucko stucco.  When you were little and taking baths I used this system every couple of months.  Now that we all shower, it's only needed a few times a year.

The night before:   
  • Remove all toys and toiletries.
  • Draw the bath as full and as hot as possible and THEN swish in 2 cups of detergent.  Don't put detergent in first, or the bubbles will take over your whole house.  
  • Mix1/2 Era detergent and 1/2 hydrogen peroxide (about a cup of each) and use a nylon scrub pad or cleaning brush to apply thickly to all of the waterproof walls, shower door and tracks, and the top of the tub where the other solution doesn't reach.  Don't forget the chrome!  Don't rinse anything.  
  • If necessary, tie a bag of vinegar onto your shower head to break down hard water deposits.  Otherwise, just coat with the era/peroxide mix.
  • Run your washing machine full of HOT water.  Add 1/4 cup ERA and 1/2 cup bleach, let agitate to distribute through water.  Put in shower curtain and liner and allow load to finish running.

The next morning:
  • Drain the tub. Remove the soaking bag from the shower head if used.
  • Use the shower to wet down all the walls and shower door, but don't rinse off all the cleaning solution.
  • Use a deck brush or other soft cleaning brush to give the whole surround and tub a quick scrub.  The whole tub should FEEL clean and shiny.  Trust your fingers, not your eyes.  If needed, use an old toothbrush to get the shower door tracks clean.
  • Rinse thoroughly, and dry walls and top of tub with a soft cloth.
  • If desired, use car wax to put a protective, waterproof layer on the surround, sides of the tub, faucets, knobs, and shower head.  NEVER use it on the bottom of the tub.  Make sure product is dry and buffed before using shower.
  • Re-caulk between tub and surround or tub and floor if necessary.
If you have a porcelain tub with stains on the floor, a nice thick layer of Easy-Off Oven Cleaner overnight and a quick scrub in the morning will remove almost all stains.  Don't try this with a fiberglass tub!
Ewwww.  Even after an overnight soak in the Era solution the bottom of the tub looks dirty from stains.

After Easy-Off the spots are nearly indistinguishable from the rest of the tub. 
Even though this was a 2 day process, hands on time was less than 20 minutes.

Enjoy a nice long soak,

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